Frequently Asked Questions

How many people will be on the boat?

DCIM100GOPROGOPR0410.We only charter up to 6 passengers, you and your family and friends and of course the Capt and Crew. We do not mix crowds on our charters.

Are children allowed?

Yes, children are allowed on all cruises. The Captain may ask for a life jacket to be worn on children under 6 if he feels there is a need.

Do you supply Life Jackets?

We provide all safety equipment required by the United States Coast Guard. We have amply supply of Life Jackets for all ages and sizes.

Can we bring beer and alcohol?


Yes, please bring all the beer, wine or liquor you like, but the Captain will NOT allow over intoxicated passengers. Drink too much and the cruise is over immediately. Drink too much and get violent and the Captain will call the US Coast Guard to come out and remove you from the yacht and take you straight to jail. We all can drink and have fun but we take safety extremely serious.

Can I smoke on board?

Sorry, no smoking allowed on board or within 50 feet of the vessel while you are in the water. No open flame allowed.

Will I get sea sick?

Probably not but if you do, we allow puking overboard, fish love it. Well we hope that never happens but once anchored its best to get in the water and relax, that usually will cure most sea sickness. If you know you may get sick, over the counter meds work well if taken a couple hours before boarding the vessel.

What about the weather?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIf you are not from Florida you may not understand how our rain storms work. It may rain for 5 mins where you are at, but across the street never get a drop. That happens out in the Gulf Waters as well. Sometime it never rains at the island and rains all day inland. If you have any weather related questions or concerns please call your captain ahead of time.

The Captain will cancel any charter with full refund when the weather forecast is not favorable for safe boating.

If unexpected weather arise during the charter, safety is our goal and the captain may chose to ride it out or return to the dock. Usually there are no refunds once the charter begins but it's at the Captains discretion.

Will I get sunburned?

YES, most likely. please bring sunscreen LOTIONS. ABSOLUTELY NO SPRAY SUNSCREEN ALLOWED ON OUR YACHTS. The over spray makes the decks extremely slippery and its also Flammable. If you board with spray sunscreen, it will be confiscated by the captain.

What kind of shoes do I wear?

Please wear deck shoes, boat shoes, or soft shoes. NO hard soled shoes and NO heels.  Florida Flip Flops are best or no shoes at all.

How do we get in and out of the water?

DCIM100GOPROGOPR0834.We have a swim platform with ladders to get back onto the boat. If you have any physical challenges or disabilities, climbing back in the boat could be difficult. Our Captain and crew will do our best to help anyone in need.

We see you offer clothing option cruises, how does that work?

We have many guest that like to skinny dip, sunbath nude, and just feel free. We offer these cruises to Passage Key as this island is located in federal waters and is not in the jurisdiction of our county. Passage Key has been a very popular place for naturalism for over 75 years. Once we pass the Egmont channel, clothing attire can be removed without any worries.

Are pets allowed?


No Sorry, we all love our pets but its very difficult to have a potty location while out in the open water.

Is there phone coverage and internet?

All of our cruise destinations have cell phone coverage but no internet.  We also have VHF channel 16 marine radio for any emergencies.